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Alfred Vogel (1902 - 1996)

«Nature gives us everything we need to protect and maintain our health»

The Swiss pioneer of natural health, Alfred Vogel, dedicated his whole life to achieving recognition for naturopathy and herbal medicine.


Silicol gel – For IBS 200ml
For symptoms of IBS including nausea, flatulence, stomach ache, diarrhoea and discomfort Also for other digestive disorders such as heartburn...
Linoforce granules 300gr
Relief of constipation Licensed herbal constipation remedy Contains linseed, senna and frangula – traditionally used as a constipation remedy for...
A.Vogel Hair Complex 60 tablets
Diets that are lacking in iron, iodine, protein and B vitamins combined with poor digestion and stress can lead to...
A.Vogel Cough Spray
For dry, tickly coughs Antitussive (cough relieving) Soothing Concentrated formula Non-drowsy & non-habit forming A.Vogel Cough Spray contains the herbs...
Agnus castus
Agnus castus is a traditional herbal remedy used to relieve the symptoms of PMS For symptoms of PMS Menstrual cramps...
St John's Wort 60 tablets
Treatment of symptoms of slightly low mood Treatment of symptoms of mild anxiety Extract of freshly harvested St. John's wort...
Sinuforce Nasal Spray 15ml
Relief of nasal congestion Relief of nasal catarrh Can be used for longer periods of time A.Vogel Sinuforce Nasal Spray...
Hawthorn-Garlic Complex 90 capsules
home > jan de vries > hawthorn-garlic complex capsules Jan de Vries - Hawthorn-Garlic Complex Capsules Organically cultivated garlic and the...
Echinacea Sore Throat Spray 30ml
Although any of the remedies in the range of Echinaforce® Echinacea drops or tablets can be used to treat sore throats, this remedy has...
Echinaforce® Forte 40 Tablets
Echinaforce® Forte is ideal for those looking for a high strength echinacea with more convenient dosage. Our Echinacea products are produced...

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