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Turmeric Oral Spray named Best New Health & Nutrition Product

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Harnessing the well-documented healing properties of Turmeric with superior absorption, has been honoured at one of the industry’s most prestigious award ceremonies.

This new and innovative oral spray has been voted ‘Best New Health and Nutrition Product’ in the Natural and Organic Awards 2017, after being unveiled at this year’s Natural and Organic Products Europe Show.

Award-winning innovation

Utilising the science of molecular encapsulation, BetterYou’s Turmeric Oral Spray guarantees superior absorption to tablets, through its unique delivery mechanism which bypasses the digestive system.

Turmeric is notoriously poorly absorbed within the gut, with researching showing around only 1% being absorbed through the digestive system.

This pioneering formulation ensures a greater uptake of the three active curcuminoids, with growing evidence of numerous health benefits including anti-inflammatory properties and a high antioxidant capacity that helps to reduce radical damage in the body.

This innovative process ensures the turmeric remains soluble, delivering it directly into the bloodstream via the soft tissue in the mouth.

Using natural ingredients, the orange flavoured formulation bypasses the digestive system through the inner cheek.

The benefits

  • Greater uptake of the active curcuminoids, which posses potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities providing numerous health benefits.
  • Cyclocurmin encapsulation increases bioavailability, improves taste and reduces staining.
  • Easy and convenient to use. No need to be taken with black pepper or fats as it bypasses the digestive system where absorption is poor.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Andrew Thomas, founder and managing director of BetterYou said: “We are thrilled that our new Turmeric Oral Spray has been recognised by voters as the Best Health and Nutrition Product.

“Turmeric is not water soluble and therefore has poor bioavailability.

“Our Turmeric Oral Spray delivers superior absorption by enhancing solubility and bypassing the digestive system, guaranteeing unbeatable uptake of active curcuminoids through a simple yet effective daily oral spray.”

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