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How to use BetterYou Transdermal Magnesium

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How to use BetterYou Transdermal Magnesium

Here’s a little guidance on how to get the most from the BetterYou™ range of transdermal magnesium.

MagnesiumOil Spray - General application

Apply BetterYou™ MagnesiumOil to any area you feel comfortable (shoulders, upper arms, thighs, calves, feet and abdomen are all receptive areas) and massage in well. Your hands are also receptive so even applying to others will benefit you.

Apply 2-3 sprays to each area and repeat as required. Aim to apply at least 10 sprays per session.

MagnesiumOil Spray - General application

MagnesiumOil Spray - Muscle Recovery

Effective support to support working muscle and post exercise muscle tension.

Spray 5-10 sprays of BetterYou™ MagnesiumOil directly onto the area of concern and massage well.

Repeat as necessary.

BetterYou™ MagnesiumOil can be applied to wet or dry skin. Wet skin is best when first applying as low magnesium levels can experience a tingle due to the speed of absorption.

Don’t worry, the tingle reduces over a couple of applications as levels improve.

Absorption into the skin commences immediately so your skin can be towel-dried after a minute or so.

MagnesiumOil Spray - Muscle Recovery

Magnesium Flakes – Body bath

Add 250g (2-4 cups) of BetterYou™ Magnesium Flakes to a body bath and relax for 15-20 minutes. If using after strenuous activity or for sleep difficulties more may be used.

Magnesium Flakes – Body bath

Magnesium Flakes – Foot bath

Add 150g (1-2 cups) of BetterYou™ Magnesium Flakes to BetterYou’s ergonomically designed and anti-microbial inflatable footbath (or similar) and relax for 15-20 minutes.

Magnesium Flakes – Foot bath

Magnesium Body Butter & Lotion

Apply anywhere on the body and massage in. Can be used on face and areas of sensitivity.

Butter: Every 5 ml delivers the equivalent of 5 sprays of MagnesiumOil Original spray.

Lotion: Every 5 ml delivers the equivalent of 10 sprays of MagnesiumOil Original spray.

Magnesium Body Butter & Lotion

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