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Benefits of Magnesium Supplementation

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Benefits of Magnesium Supplementation

Magnesium is what makes our bodies flexible. It is involved in our body’s energy production and enables our millions of cells to function effectively.

BetterYou™ transdermal magnesium will support muscles, aid skin health and promote deep and restful sleep.

Symptoms of low magnesium levels

Magnesium deficiency can manifest itself in a number of different symptoms that are not exclusively linked to low levels of magnesium.

This makes it difficult to diagnose and often sees deficiency go unnoticed and untreated.

If you experience any of the following symptoms, this could indicate that you may need to boost your magnesium intake.

  • Poor sleep patterns
  • Night-time muscle tension (restless legs)
  • Joint discomfort and stiffness
  • Increased menstrual discomfort
  • Cardiovascular problems
  • Poor concentration
  • Respiratory issues (including asthma)
  • Poor skin conditions (including psoriasis and eczema)
  • Low energy levels (particularly mid-morning and afternoon)
  • Stress and anxiety

Worrying levels of deficiency

A worrying Department of Health claims is that, on average, our daily UK diet provides only 80% of our necessary magnesium intake with over half of our teenagers receiving a level equivalent to gross deficiency!

Worrying levels of deficiency

Did you know?

A Government-funded report by Professor David Thomas reported that due to a change in farming methods and food processing that the level of magnesium within our diet has declined by 21% since 1940!

Calcium balance

Calcium balance

Magnesium balances our calcium intake, which, for a normal Western diet is higher than any other diet in the World. Calcium, although great for bone density, is a hardener for our bodies and is a problem when we are unable to absorb it. Magnesium is essential for calcium absorption and a magnesium-rich body will function more naturally and efficiently.


An effective solution to magnesium deficiency

BetterYou™ transdermal magnesium is the ultimate way to remineralise your body much faster than tablets or capsules can.

Available in a range of specially formulated products, there is a transdermal magnesium product to suit everyone.

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