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Now you need never choose between your commitment to an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and using the best anti-ageing skincare that works. Antipodes gives you both: these are green beauty products with scientifically proven anti-ageing science performance.

In fact, Antipodes is pioneering this new niche globally: organic and natural skincare with the level of scientific validation of anti-ageing performance usually only seen in major conventional skincare brands. And key Antipodes anti-ageing skincare products are returning extremely impressive scientific results.

Independent investigations show that they can significantly help to optimise collagen and elastin production and antioxidant activity in human skin cells. These markers are all critical to a more youthful-looking visage.

For instance, Worship Skin Defence Antioxidant Serum has been scientifically shown to inhibit oxidative stress in-vitro by up to 90%*. This measure of its antioxidant potency indicates its impressive anti-ageing potential when applied to skin.

Antipodes founder and director Elizabeth Barbalich has driven Antipodes to be a science based company from the start, drawing on her science degree from the University of Canterbury. “Smart consumers deserve a scientific level of proof in the flooded market of natural and organic skincare. We produce the best anti-ageing skincare products we can with authenticity at their core, as their anti-ageing ability has been independently and scientifically validated.”

Anti-ageing science is an important selection factor in choosing high-performance individual ingredients in Antipodes products.

Scientific Testing

Antipodes engages an independent laboratory to investigate Antipodes formulations on human fibroblast skin cells in-vitro. Human clinical trials for best anti-ageing and suncare performance and human dermatological testing for sensitive skincare round out Antipodes’ scientific investigations.

Elizabeth says, “Our laboratory investigations trial whole ‘end’ formulations to find the best-performing one.”

“Our best anti-ageing natural skincare features new science discoveries like revolutionary Vinanza antioxidant extracts. These supercharge our anti-ageing face creams and ultra-care serums because they have impressive scientific results indicating their anti-ageing potency. The same is true for bioactive ingredients like manuka honey and avocado oil.”

* Trinity Bioactives: In-vitro Investigation into the Antioxidant Effects of Production of Superoxide by Activated Neutrophil Cells after 15 Hours, at 4% per 200ug/ml (2014)

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